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AILTA Living Treasures

Year: 2015
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Margaret Acosta
Basket Weaver, language master Tohono O'odham An enrolled member of the Tohono O’odham Nation, Margaret Acosta was born in Ajo, Arizona, and... read more
Jose Garcia
language master, singer Tohono O'odham Jose Garcia is from Kom Wo’o, known as Santa Cruz, where he was born and continues to live. Jose... read more
Debra Onsae
Cultural Preservationist, language master Hopi Debra Onsae is from the Hopi village of Lower Moenkopi. She serves as the Native Academic Advisor... read more
Malinda Powskey
language master, Storyteller Hualapai Malinda Powskey was born and raised on the Hualapai Reservation in Peach Springs, Arizona. She is a... read more
Year: 2014
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Homer Beatty
Cultural Preservationist, singer, Storyteller White Mountain Apache Homer Beatty grew up in Cibecue, Arizona, where the culture is rich in Apache traditions in a... read more
Ena R. Lopez
Basket Weaver, Cultural Preservationist, singer Tohono O'odham Ena R. Lopez was born, raised and continues to reside in Santa Rosa, Arizona. Her deep respect for... read more
James Peshlakai
language master, Silversmith, singer Navajo James Peshlakai was born at home, in the area of Wupatki National Monument Visitor Center, north of... read more
Jean Sahmie
Potter Hopi, Tewa Jean Sahmie is a nationally recognized, traditional Hopi and Tewa potter from First Mesa, Arizona... read more
Jones Benally
Cultural Preservationist, singer Navajo Jones Benally was born in a traditional hogan on the Navajo Nation at Black Mesa, Arizona. His... read more
Year: 2013
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Royce Manuel
Calendar Stick Carrier, Men’s Agave Basket Making, Storyteller Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community As an enrolled tribal member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Mr. Manuel is an... read more
Sheldon Swick
Cultural Preservationist, Gourd Rattle Making, language master Mojave Mr. Sheldon Swick is a Mohave elder who has dedicated his life to perpetuating the Mohave language... read more
Mary H. Begay
Weaver Navajo Mary H. Begay has been weaving since the age of 14. She a member of the Navajo Nation and resides... read more
Teddy Draper, Sr.
Cultural Preservationist, language master, Storyteller Navajo Teddy Draper, Sr., is a Navajo Code Talker. A Navajo tribal member, Mr. Draper was born in Canyon... read more
José Enriquez
Cultural Preservationist, language master, Storyteller Tohono O'odham Mr. Enriquez, a member of the Tohono O’Odham Nation, has been instrumental in preserving language... read more
Year: 2011
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Chester Kahn
Painter Navajo Chester was commissioned to paint many other murals, notably a very large mural in downtown Gallup... read more
Herbert "Herb" R Stevens
Educator, Mocassin Maker San Carlos Apache Herb Stevens receives Arizona Indian Living Treasure Award Posted: Wednesday, Oct 26th, 2011Arizona... read more
Joseph Joaquin
Cultural Preservationist, language master Tohono O'odham Mr. Joaquin is a decorated military veteran, serving as a U.S. Marine in both the Korean and... read more
Thomas Nahsonhoya
Weaver Hopi Thomas is one of a limited number for male weavers on the Hopi. He seeks to continue the art of... read more
Year: 2010
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Evelina Lopez
quilter Ak-Chin Evelina Lopez was born in the Ak-Chin Indian community in 1940. She recently celebrated 50 years of... read more
Sally Antone
basketmaker, language master Ak-Chin Sally Antone was born in the Ak-Chin Indian community in 1947. She grew up watching her mother and... read more
Lorena Charles
basketmaker Hopi, Sipaulove Lorena Charles was 76 in 2010 when she was recognized as a Living Treasure. She is of the Bear Clan... read more
Daniel Kaska
singer Havasuapi Daniel Kaska was born in Supai, Arizona, on April 6, 1926. He learned his traditional songs,... read more
Armida Mattia
basketmaker Ak-Chin Armida Mattia was born Armida Santiago in 1946 in Ak-Chin. She grew up in an O’odham speaking home... read more
Year: 2009
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Vivian Muchvo
Piki Maker Hopi, Tewa Born in 1931 in Polacca, Arizona, is from the Tewa village and belongs to the Parrot / Kachina Clan... read more
R. Carlos Nakai
Musician Navajo, Ute, Zuni R. Carlos Nakai, of Navajo, Ute and Zuni heritage, has gained international prominence by... read more
Rita Nuvangyaoma
basketmaker Hopi Rita Nuvangyaoma, from Sipaulovi Village, Second Mesa, is of the Sun Forehead Clan. Born November... read more
Gevene E. Savala
Cultural Preservationist Kaibab Paiute Gevene E. Savala born in 1928, is a member fo the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians. The 240 members fo... read more
Year: 2008
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
David Lister
Silversmith Navajo
Robert Lomadafkie
Silversmith Hopi Kuwanvenga's Arts Corner: Spotlight on Bob Lomadafkie Master Hopi silversmith discusses the... read more
Year: 2007
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Vincent Randall
Cultural Preservationist Yavapai Apache
Frieda Eswonia
Cultural Preservationist Yavapai Apache
Lucille Watahomigie
Cultural Preservationist Hualapai
Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo
Potter Hopi
Year: 2006
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Alex Seowtewa
Painter Zuni Alex Seowtewa was born into the shiwi, the Zuni Tribe. His mother, Annie, was of the Sandhill Crane... read more
Michael Chiago, Sr.
Painter Maricopa, Pima, Tohono O'odham Michael Chiago, Sr., was born in a 1946 in Kohate Village, Arizona, of Tohono O’odham (Papago),... read more
Alice Cling
Potter Navajo Navajo artist Alice Cling was born around 1946 in a hogan at Cow Springs, Arizona at a time when... read more
Delbridge Honanie
Carver, Painter Hopi Delbridge Honanie, whose manhood name is Coochsiwukioma, or Falling White Snow, was born in 1946... read more
Amil Pedro
Carver, Painter Cahuilla Quechan, Maricopa Amil Pedro is a self-taught artist from the Gila River Indian Community – Maricopa. His father was... read more
Year: 2005
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Nanaba Aragon
Weaver Navajo
Harvery A. Begay
Silversmith Navajo
Neil David, Sr.
Katsina Carver Hopi
Ernest Moore, Jr.
Katsina Carver Hopi
Year: 2004
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Kee Joe Benally
Silversmith Navajo
Elizabeth Smith Rocha
Cultural Preservationist Apache
Marlene Sekaquaptewa
quilter Hopi She is a member of the Eagle Clan and from the Village of Bacavi. Image/Bio Courtesy Hopi... read more
Philip Titla
Carver Apache
Year: 2003
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Victor Paul Beck, Sr.
Silversmith Navajo Victor is a person who takes great pride in sharing his Dine culture. As a Dine' (Navajo), he... read more
Elda Butler
Cultural Preservationist Mojave Sacred Wordsmiths - the Power of Native Languages by Brenda Norrell / Correspondent / Indian... read more
Michael Kabotie
Jeweler, Painter Hopi
Grace Lehi
basketmaker Navajo
Eva Tulene Watt
Storyteller Apache
Louis A . Wauneka, Sr.
Educator Navajo
Year: 2002
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Norberto Coronado
Mask Maker, Painter Pascua Yaqui
Dennis Numkena
Architect, Painter, Sculptor Hopi
Lloyd Oliver
Code Talker, Silversmith Navajo
Manfred Susunkewa
Carver Hopi
Theroline Bread
Potter Maricopa
Year: 2001
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Marie Littleman
Cultural Preservationist Navajo
Evaline Henry
basketmaker San Carlos Apache
Fannie Etsitty
Weaver Navajo
Year: 2000
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Edger Perry
Cultural Arts White Mountain Apache
Rose Roosevelt
Cradleboard Maker White Mountain Apache
Beth Wauneka
Basket Weaver Hualapai
Dora Tawahoingva
Basket Weaver Hopi
Lillie Taylor
Weaver Navajo
Year: 1999
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Helen Long
Jeweler Navajo
Robert Quotskuyva
Carver, Weaver Hopi
Daisy Simms
Beadwork Quechan
Year: 1998
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Lawrence Saufkie
Silversmith Hopi Lawrence Saufkie has been a Hopi silversmith for more than 60 years, having learned the overlay... read more
Urshel Taylor
Painter Akimel O'otham by Ed Severson The Arizona Daily Star (1998) Indian to be honored for artistry, cultural work The... read more
Griselda Saufkie
basketmaker, Silversmith Hopi Griselda Saufkie, acclaimed Hopi basket weaver and jeweler, is generally acknowledged to be the... read more
Year: 1997
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Harrison Begay
Painter Navajo
Lola King Dixon
basketmaker Ft. McDowell Yavapai Nation
Frances Manuel
basketmaker Tohono O'odham
Minnie Marshall
basketmaker Havasuapi
Year: 1996
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Ramona Beatty
Cultural Arts Apache
Neil Kayquoptewa
Roger Nasavaema
Carver Hopi
Jimmy ( Beatin Yazz) Toddy
Painter Navajo
Year: 1995
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Betty Barrackman
Beadwork, Clay Figures Mojave
Emmett Bender
singer, Storyteller Hualapai
Barbara Johnson
Potter Maricopa
Gilbert Naseyouma
Potter Hopi
Year: 1994
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Dextra Nampeyo Quotskuyva
Potter Hopi
Rose Williams
Potter Navajo
Victor Coochwytewa
Silversmith Hopi
Delphina Francisco
basketmaker Tohono O'odham
Year: 1993
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Marcella Kahe
Potter Hopi
Irene Alchesay
Silversmith Navajo
Anthony Mitchell
Silversmith Navajo
Year: 1992
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Mary Lou Brown
basketmaker Chemehuevi
Marie Lehi
basketmaker Southern San Juan Paiute
Henery Shelton
Carver Hopi
Chelsey Goseyun Wilson
Musician, Violin Maker San Carlos Apache
Year: 1991
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Mervin Ringelero
Saddle Maker Pima
Paul Saufkie Sr.
Silversmith Hopi
Elizabeth Talahaftewa
basketmaker Hopi
Andrew Tsihnahjinnie
Painter Navajo
Year: 1990
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Faye Tso
Potter Navajo
Elsie Wilson
Weaver Navajo
Ted Vaughn
Silversmith Yavapai Apache Two Yavapai Men Honored: Arizona Living TreasuresStory & Photos by Pamela Williams (excerpt) It... read more
Rex Pooyouma
Mocassin Maker Hopi
Joy Navasie
Potter Hopi
Year: 1989
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Charles Loloma
Jeweler, Potter Hopi
Elizabeth White
Potter Hopi
Carl Gorman
Painter Navajo
David Sine
Painter Yavapai Apache Two Yavapai Men Honored: Arizona Living TreasuresStory & Photos by Pamela Williams (excerpt) It... read more
Bernard Dawayhoya
Silversmith Hopi
Emory Sekaquaptewa
Educator, Silversmith Hopi
Year: 1988
Name Craft Tribe Biography Image
Sarah Gashwytewa
basketmaker Hopi

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Jones Benally
Craft: Cultural Preservationist, singer
Tribe: Navajo
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