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Malinda Powskey

Malinda Powskey was born and raised on the Hualapai Reservation in Peach Springs, Arizona. She is a member of the Big Sandy and Chloride Bands. She has co-authored and co-published numerous publications in preservation of the Hualapai language, including a Dictionary of the Hualapai Language and Hualapai Reference Grammar.

Debra Onsae

Debra Onsae is from the Hopi village of Lower Moenkopi. She serves as the Native Academic Advisor at Marshall Elementary School and Sechrist Elementary School, both in Flagsta, during the academic year. During the summers she teaches Hopi language and culture at the Killip Community School in Flagsta. Her motto is, “Learning my language, my culture, and my traditions will strengthen my character.”

Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia is from Kom Wo’o, known as Santa Cruz, where he was born and continues to live. Jose Garcia is a highly respected elder because of his work in teaching O’odham songs and ceremonies to men and women in his community. He is the last of the elders to know many of the ceremonial songs including those for the deer ceremony that teaches songs for hunting and to prepare for hunting. Jose Garcia is considered a song dreamer or someone who receives his songs through dreaming.

Margaret Acosta

An enrolled member of the Tohono O’odham Nation, Margaret Acosta was born in Ajo, Arizona, and resides in Sells, Arizona. Throughout her life Margaret Acosta has not only served her family and community but has served the Tohono O’odham Nation as a whole by sharing her gis of O’odham basket weaving and the O’odham language. She has exemplified her desire to preserve the O’odham Himdag (Way of Life) by living it and teaching it to others. Margaret Acosta has successfully passed on her knowledge to individuals and groups of non-O’odham speakers through demonstrations and instructions.

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